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    Start your Glitter website or add it to your existing one!

    What is the Glitter Central PHP Script?
    • Glitter Central script generates nice FREE glitter texts for your users.
    • The script has customizable options for users to generate glitter exactly as they want.
    • You users will create their free glitter text and put them on blogs, websites, Facebook, MySpace and many more.
    Why is it SEO friendly?
    • All generated glitters will link back to YOUR SITE or any site you want.
    • To add more to the social/viral effect, we provide a chat window to help in getting users back to the site.
    • To quickly increase your ranking in search engine, we provide you with a link manager loaded with features.
    And it gets better! The code is open so you can add as many advertisements that you need.

    All you need for a successful website is in that script.

    Try it, you’ll love it! Demo
    From: $19.00
    Full specs: Glitter

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